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Embrace the ultimate heavenly nature of yoga school in Rishikesh with various yoga teacher training courses and yoga programs conducted by the proficient yoga teachers of India.

About - Maa Shakti Yog

Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School in Rishikesh and Bali

Maa Shakti Yog is a registered yoga school in Rishikesh, India. We conduct multi-style yoga teacher training courses that will make you a Registered Yoga Teacher! The courses we offer are registered by Yoga Alliance USA which further gives you an opportunity to find your true self via the body, breath, and meditation.

Yoga in India is what everyone dreams of and Yoga in Rishikesh is what everyone demands! Maa Shakti Yog brings out the true ancient knowledge of yoga for all level of practitioners from beginner to advanced!

We design the yoga teacher training schedule in a way that it will cover all the important aspects of traditional Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, and Vinyaya Yoga in India. We are blessed with the amazing location of our school in Rishikesh! A spiritual city surrounded by the Ganges and beautiful Himalayas of the Garhwal region.

Our Goals & Missions

  • ☸ Our yoga school in Rishikesh integrates moral values and offers yoga teacher training courses while maintaining its rules and dignity.
  • ☸ Maa Shakti Yog aims to carve your yogic skills and presents them in front of the world.
  • ☸ We offer a friendly environment where one can develop their true skills of yoga.
  • ☸ Maa Shakti Yog motivates you to fulfil your dream of becoming a successful yoga teacher, admired by the world. We aim to empower our students physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • ☸ Our yoga school in Rishikesh wants to spread the yoga knowledge globally so that everyone receives its benefits.

Aims & Objective

Maa Shakti Yog aims to spread the ancient Indian knowledge of Yoga to people around the world. We just want that no one gets deprived of the knowledge and so, we are making every possible effort to make yoga accessible to aspirants who wish to learn this with complete dedication and diligence.

With this sole aim and purpose, we are inviting yoga lovers to join Maa Shakti Yog.

Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School

Maa Shakti Yog is a registered yoga school, certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. The well-maintained schedule and curriculum are completely based on the structure set by Yoga Alliance. It simply means that completing the course means getting the chance to become a registered yoga teacher.

Our Core Values

We are highly dedicated to our core values and this makes our yoga school, a special one

Committed Training

The yoga teachers and gurus at Maa Shakti Yog are committed to offering the best training experience to students coming with a dream to learn yoga.

Stunning Destinations

Bali, also known as The Last Paradise, Island of the Gods, and many more nicknames is famous for its enchanting beauty and stunning destinations.

Believe in Yoga

Yoga is more than a practice, it is worship. We are committed to providing you with the best in this field so that you can learn and at the same time, get benefitted from this ancient art.

Technique Focus

Yoga is based on various techniques and forms. There are multiple styles of yoga and we focus deeply on each of them. You will learn the best yoga techniques with us.

Small Groups

We believe that learning in small groups is beneficial at first. As a beginner, you might not be comfortable practicing and asking questions among many people.

Holistic Training

Yoga is a holistic practice that covers the basics of yoga covering different facts of life. It is not just a set of exercises but a vision of life which connects the body with thoughts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, there is no prior experience or qualification needed in order to join the 100hrs, 200 hrs, 500 hrs and Intensive Maa Shakti Yog courses. Those courses will introduce you to the philosophical and practical aspects of yoga regardless if you’re a complete beginner or a long-time practitioner.

However, we do recommend students to get basic yoga knowledge prior to starting the training. You can take up a course at a local school to get attuned to yoga terminology and basic asanas. This will help you to pick up the more rigorous asanas of RYT 200 hrs and the other activities of your daily schedule comfortably. For the 300 hrs teacher training a 200hrs certificate from Maa Shakti Yog or any other yoga school is required in order to join this course.

Yes! Flexibility is not a prerequisite to learning Yoga. Our patient teachers will work with you according to your individual bone and muscle structure and will help you to stretch tight muscles and strengthen muscles that are weak.

Yoga is a vast subject with many traditions and styles. During the courses we will look at all key pillars of this ancient art. We aim to establish a practical and theoretical base leaving you with the relevant skills to teach and grow further.

Specifically, you will be trained in multi-style yoga practices such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Iyengar and Vinyasa flow as well as Bhakti, Karma and Mantra Yoga.

The courses are mainly taught in English. Thus, a basic understanding of the English language is helpful to get the most out of the program. People who are not proficient in English are welcome to enroll for the program as well.

For them yoga can be experienced on a spiritual and emotional level. In addition, you will be taught Sanskrit terms throughout the courses, too.

Absolutely. Many students come to us to get a more intensive yoga training to deepen their personal practice. Although our courses are meant for yoga teacher trainings, they also cover deeper, more complex asanas and meditation levels that you can use for.

The maximum class size for the 100hrs and 200hrs courses lies between 10 to 15 students. In the 300hours Yoga Teacher Trainings we can teach 10 to 12 students and 08 to 10 students for our 500hours courses. We believe in quality over quantity which is why we keep our class sizes small. This ensures that we can address all questions from students and give each one proper attention.

The age of our students ranges from 18 to 65. We welcome students regardless of their sex, religion or the country they are from. Maa Shakti Yog is a place of respectful co-existence. We consider our students a part of the yoga family helping each other to learn and grow.

Since the duration of the Yoga Teacher Training is short each class is important to develop your yoga and teaching skills. Just by missing a day of your teacher training fundamental principles can be lost. We understand that due to sickness you might be unable to attend a class.

However, missed topics discussed in class should be self-studied by the student. In order to receive your teaching certificate, a 96% course attendance is required.

Our course schedule runs from Monday to Saturday afternoon. On Saturday the classes run for half the day and there will be no classes on Sundays. Occasionally we offer spiritual tours based on availability on Sundays. During your teaching days, we make sure you have enough breaks between classes.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

The variety of Yoga TTC and Retreats in Bali gives you option to choose as per your time and availability.